When it comes to lower back pain, muscle pain and the likes, cardiovascular exercises along with chiropractic care offer a great solution. It goes without saying that people with a history of ailments like heart problems and high blood pressure should consult with their Primary Care Physician before taking up any exercises.

The benefits of exercising

When proper exercise is combined with chiropractic care and done regularly, it offers heaps of benefits. These benefits range from promoting proper digestion, better blood circulation and keeping muscles in good shape. Something as simple as walking around the block once or twice a day can have the desired effects. Similarly, certain household chores and other routine work can be done to function as part of your exercise program.

Our customized exercise programs

At Restorative Health Center, Dr. Venuti provides you with individualized instructions based on your specific health condition before you start an exercise regimen. Our patient care programs often include required amount of exercise to be carried out regularly along with the chiropractic treatment you are going under. We make sure that you can do the physical activities that you enjoy the most and it doesn’t have to be a drag.

Exercises while undergoing chiropractic treatment for lower back pain

For people suffering from lower back pain undergoing chiropractic treatments, they are classified into specific ability based groups and are recommended exercises accordingly. These groups can be of two types:

  • Flexion biased: When a patient feels better bending over, exercises such as pulling knees to their chest, forward bends from a sitting position and the likes are recommended
  • Extension biased: For patients who feel better when bending backwards, exercises that strengthens the pelvic muscles, hamstrings etc. are recommended. These often include balance promoting exercises.

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Dr. Nick is great!!! I always thought Chiropractors were quacks, I was GREATLY mistaken!! I have had some neck issues and back issues over the years and my regular doctor has only prescribed me muscle relaxors, which only masked the pain. I don't like taking them, because I don't like taking drugs and the sluggish effects they bring you. I have taken these muscles relaxors and still have the same problems, nothing had been resolved! I am a very active person and I don't choose to be taking all this medication and having the horrible side effects and left with the same problem. Going to Dr. Nick has been amazing! He has really helped me and helped with the pain and has effectively solved my issues and has brought back the moblity to my neck and back! I am back to all the activities I have not been able to do prior! He is very easy to talk to and is a great listener and he has given me great exercises to do along with the treatment. My pain has ceased and I feel great!! I strongly reccommend Dr. Nick and will continue to refer him to everyone I can!----J.P.


Dr. Venuti and his staff are incredible.  They are friendly, professional, and really LISTEN to your concerns.  They really work as a team to treat your muscle/spine issues.  I used to be skeptical of chiropractic care, but not anymore!----S.V.

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